Water Quality testing Yarra Bay and Happy Valley

Happy Valley 20th October 2020

There had been significant clearing around the banks by NPWS and the site is now easier to access. Oxygen level was at 60%, Phosphate at the upper limit of .05 ppm,  pH at 6, e-coli at 1100, electrical conductivity at 220,  and turbidity at 5 FTU

Yarra Bay 21st October 2020

There was extensive coverage of green algae. Oxygen was low at 36% Phosphate very high at 1.42 ppm, e-coli  at 200, turbidity at 12 FTU, pH at 6.5 and electrical conductivity 1050. Despite poor water quality a number of small fish were observed as well as a Diving Beetle (Dytiscidae) larvae approx. 30mm length.