30th Anniversary Clean Up Australia Day Bumborah Point Port Botany

Heads of Botany Bay to Banks Wall

Collection of rubbish

Scouts and Cubs from 1st Little Bay

Another beautiful warm day for the historic 30th Anniversary of Clean Up Australia.  La Perouse Coastcare and Little Bay Cubs and Scouts were out in force to  clean up around Port Botany, from Bumborah Point to Yarra Bay.  There were 14 adults (6 females/8 males) and 16 children (4 females/12males).  A mix of ‘rubbish’ from an Ofo electric bicycle to chair to the usual cigarette butts.  In all around 80kg  was collected in 12 bags, one of which contained bottles to be taken to the local return and earn facility at Malabar to assist with the running of 1st Little Bay Scouts.

Ken Evans from Paddlers for Peace with a canoe of rubbish. SMH 1990


The Prime Minister, Mr Hawke, visited the national tally room at Darling Harbour yesterday afternoon where Telecom staff manned 40 telephones answering calls from the public and from sites across the country.

“One of the things that follows from today is that Australians individually can do something about the environment themselves,” he said.

Mr Hawke said that he had done “a little bit” himself around Kirribilli foreshore near his official residence.

The Premier, Mr Greiner, and the NSW Minister for the Environment, Mr Moore, were at the beach at Balls Head Bay helping about 40 locals clean one of the harbour’s dirtiest spots.

Mr Moore said the Government intended to introduce legislation later this year to provide for on-the-spot fines of up to $200 for people caught littering. The law would be enforced by the police and local council officers. Councils would be allowed to keep the revenue they raised.

The minister said most of the rubbish he collected off the small beach yesterday was plastic – drinking straws, shopping bags and bottles. It was the same for other clean-up sites.




Beat the Bottle Frenchman’s Bay 29th October 2019

Perfect day for cleaning up at La Perouse with help from the Junkyard Beats Sydney Water Little Bay Scouts Randwick City Council La Perouse Coastcare and Greater Sydney Landcare Network


29th Anniversary Clean Up Australia Day Port Botany

Heads of Botany Bay

Cubs Scouts and Fishcare

It was a magnificent Autumn Day for the 29th Anniversary of Clean Up Australia.  Little Bay Scouts, Cubs and one Fishcare volunteer came together under the La Perouse Coastcare banner to clean up around Port Botany – Molineux and Bumborah Point around to Yarra Bay.  In all there were 11 adults (8 females/3 males) and 13 children (5 females/8 males).  Anil from Randwick Council called by beforehand to distribute tickets to a screening of Blue at Randwick Ritz as well as prizes for the cubs.  While there were still a lot of cigarette butts to collect plastic bottles were well down and the few collected were taken away to the return and earn facility.

Rubbish difficult to access between the rocks on revetment wall

Gates at heritage listed Prince of Wales Drive

La Perouse Coastcare in action

Heritage listed Banks’ Wall Port Botany

Banks Wall – popular for fishing

Spearfisher Jack and his prized campervan

From Bumborah Point to Yarra Bay

Dominic in action



Water testing at Happy Valley 10th November 2018


Readings taken today: Phosphate=0.07 mg/L; Dissolved Oxygen low at 3.4 mg/L (35%); Electrical Conductivity (salinity) = 450; pH = 6; Temperature = 17 degrees; Turbidity = 7 FTU; E.coli = 100 colonies per 100ml

Cyathea australis a major feature around the Happy Valley bridge

Piece of iron

Pathway overgrown with Lantana

Old building rubble now exposed in bank

Clean Up Australia Day 2018

Despite winds up to 27 km per hour 24 volunteers from Little Bay Scouting and La Perouse Coastcare had a productive  morning cleaning up Molineux Point, Bumborah Point and Yarra Bay beach and dunes.  Scouts leader Ian brought screens to collect small plastics.  Two Ofo bikes were recovered from the Port Botany Revetment Wall  



Sicilian Sea Lavender & Kudzu Central Coast Field Trip

On a Weeds Field trip to the Central Coast today to see Sicilian Sea Lavender –Limonium hyblaeum (Plumbaginaceae) –   in situ at Saratoga Nature Reserve before its eradication. This invasive species which destroys native salt marsh species, has already taken hold in Victoria .  Fortunately it has only been recorded in NSW at Saratoga and Lake Conjelligo.  Thanks to Nicola Nixon for organising the trip.

One of the pollinators of Sicilian Sea Lavender

Paul Marynissen talking about Sicilian Sea Lavender at Saratoga Nature Reserve

Photographing mangroves in the new wellies

View from Saratoga Nature Reserve

From Saratoga Nature Reserve


Exposed roots of Sicilian Sea Lavender

Checking dune species at Saratoga Nature Reserve

More weed species at Saratoga Nature Reserve

Paul Marynissen talking about Kudzu

Another disturbing incursion has been the Kudzu( Pueraria lobata) observed in a number of locations on the Central Coast and Northern NSW.


Clean Up Australia Day 2016

Scouts on Rocks

Scouts on Rocks

The weather was perfect this morning  for the annual clean up of  Molineux and Bumborah Points at Port Botany.

Rubbish and Recycling Bags Bumborah

Rubbish and Recycling Bags Bumborah

Scouts and Cubs at Bumborah

Scouts and Cubs at Bumborah

The Molineux group

The Molineux group

Industrial Landscape

Industrial Landscape

Cycling at Molineux

Cycling at Molineux



On the rocks at Molineux

On the rocks at Molineux

La Perouse Coastcare at Molineux

La Perouse Coastcare at Molineux

Bag from Bumborah

Bag from Bumborah

Bag on the beach

Bag on the beach

Cleaning up butts in the bush at Molineux

Cleaning up butts in the bush at Molineux

Container Ship and Wake through Heads of Botany Bay

Container Ship and Wake through Heads of Botany Bay


Testing Congwong Lagoon

Water Testing yesterday at Congwong Lagoon:  Water Temperature 23;  pH  6;  Electrical Conductivity 680;  Turbidity 18; Coliforms 1300 per 100ml;  Dissolved oxygen 4.7 (55%) Phosphate 0.06 ppm.

Environmental Works Congwong April 2015

In 2013 Caltex was responsible for a major oil spill in Botany Bay and in April 2015 undertook  to provide funds for work on the Gross Pollutant Trap that filters stormwater entering Congwong Lagoon.

Photos from yesterday including signs at the entry to the Beach (6 poles but no bike rack).

WEB Streamwatch Bare Island WEB Streamwatch scum 2 WEB Streamwatch scum web Streamwatch spider WEB Streamwatch Signs

Walk to Henry Head

Seen on the walk to Henry Head today: Woody pears and banksia emerging after recent fires;  Endiandra sieberi (Corkwood) along with tree ferns at Happy Valley creek; Chloanthes stoechadis  recovering very slowly after being cut out in 2006; new sign at the entry to the Orica track to Cape Banks; Endeavour lighthouse and Henry Head fortifications; Hybanthus monopetalus;  Wet n Wild near the Minmi wreck Cape Banks; scenes of Bare Island with Banks (revetment wall)Norfolk Pine Macquarie Watchtower Museum and monument.

WEB Banksia regrowth WEB Bare Island and Port WEB Bare Island Banks Wall Watchtower Norfolk Laperouse WEB Chloanthes stoechadis WEB Endeavour Lighthouse WEB Endiandra sieberi WEB Happy Valley WEB Henry Head Sign WEB Henry Head WEB Hybanthus monopetalus WEB Minmi and Wet n wild WEB Orica track Cape Banks WEB Road and Port WEB Tisiphone abeona on Westringia WEB Tisiphone abeona WEB Woody Pear and Bare Island WEB Woody Pear Fire WEB Woody Pear regeneration

Streamwatch Testing at Happy Valley

WEB Corkwood and Weed 7 January 2015 WEB Happy Valley 7 January 2015 WEB Happy Valley site January 7 2015 WEB Tree Ferns 7 January 2015 WEB Tree Ferns and Bridge 7 January 2015

 Tree ferns now tower over the bridge but weed extensive, eg. near the Corkwood – Endiandra sieberi

Results:  Dissolved Oxygen at 11% was well below the boundary limit.  Turbidity and Temperature readings at 15 and 23 respectively were fine.  Electrical conductivity at 560 was higher than usual.  Available phosphate at 0.09 was expected given the extensive weed and runoff.  The e-coli count was around the usual.